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Frequently asked questions

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Q. What is the International Association of Jim Beam Bottle & Specialties Clubs; also known as I.A.J.B.B.S.C.?

A. The International Association is an organization of members devoted to collecting decanters and specialty items predominately porcelain/ceramic Jim Beam decanters. 

Q. How many bottles/decanters must I collect before becoming a member?

A. There is no set number as you may become a member and actually own none, this is a group of collectors who have an interest in collecting these decanters and interest usually adds to the incentive of collecting-many are interested in certain series-maybe Corvettes, Trains, Duesenbergs, Police or Fire Department Vehicles, Animals, Birds, Ducks Unlimited, etc. 

Q. Are bottle/decanters worth more full or empty?

A. Whiskey does not age in decorative decanters, it won’t get better so “Use it or loose it.” Full decanters do not sell for more to most collectors. A large collection can be a fire hazard to keep in your home. It is illegal to sell alcohol without a license and it is illegal to mail alcohol.

Q. How large is the International Association?

A. Throughout the United States, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and Germany, there are over 30 clubs with 600 members. 

Q. What are the benefits of being an International member?

A.  Membership in the International Association entitles you to receive our publication known as “Beam Around The World,” with information regarding bottle news, International Convention, which is held annually in different areas.  Being a member allows you to be a Delegate and participate in the business sessions, swap or sell, auctions and above all the social functions with Hospitality, Banquets, Entertainment plus the warmth and friendship of other collectors. 

Q.  Levels of membership?

A. You may join the International Association and a local club in your area.  Local Clubs meet at least six times per year to conduct the club’s business, plan activities such as Holiday Parties, Summer Picnics, Fall Festivals, Chili Cook-offs, Craft & Collectible shows.  Through various fund raisers, local clubs donate to their favorite charitable organizations-Kidney Foundation, Cancer Research, Make a Wish or maybe an event to benefit a Member in time of need.  This Membership entitles you, the member to represent your club as a Delegate at your District Meeting and also the Annual International Convention. (If interested in joining a local club we will attempt to find a club close to your address) 

B.  Member at Large is the second option.  This membership is of the International Association only.  As a Member at Large, you would receive the publication known as the “Beam Around The World,” ability to purchase merchandise advertised in the publication, attend District, Club or the annual International Meeting but no voting rights at any District or Club Meetings.  You may not hold an International Office. This Membership at Large is to offer flexibility to those who can no longer travel or may not have a Club within reasonable driving distance. 

Q. Membership dues?  (US Funds)

A.  Membership dues are $20.00 per year for United States and Canada and $25.00 if outside the United States or Canada. 



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